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There is so much to see and experience in Mora

Dala Horse- The manufacturing of the Dala horse is in Nusnäs, it is well worth a visit. In the village of Nusnäs just outside of Mora, they  are the only manufactures in the world that still manufacture the classic Dala Horse, which is Sweden’s symbol. At Grannas and Nils Olsson AB you get to see the entire process of constructing the Dala Horse.


The nature is extremely wonderful- hire a bike during your visit to Mora and have a near nature experience around Siljan or Orsa Lake with an electric bike. On  the other hand, if you would like a greater challenge, there are new bike paths as well as trails in Mora.


Near town activities, we recommend a City walk in Mora with a guide. Guide timings can be found here. 


Vasaloppet Museum and Vasaloppet finishing line are located in central Mora and are worth a visit. Further up the center lies the finishing line next to Mora Church. A nice walk from Fridhemgatan Hotel along Mora’s center.


Tomteland- a magical fairy adventure. Santa actually lives in Mora, and we recommend you to visit the wonderful Tomteland. This summer the fairyland world has grown bigger, with even more magical places to visit and more fairy tales to meet. Tomteland is located around the beautiful lake Aurora, during summertime, you can go fishing on the lake and catch fishes, go on a pedal boat ride and swim at the small beach. Tomteland is about a 40- minute drive from Mora.